Canadian Employees on the Move: How Your Company Can Stay Competitive

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Canada Inc. revealed some startling statistics: half of Canadian employees are planning to search for a new job in the second half of 2024, up from 41% during the same period last year. The survey, which polled 600 workers and over 200 hiring managers, sheds light on the key factors driving this job market shift and offers crucial insights for employers looking to retain and attract top talent. At Butterfly Benefits, we understand these challenges and are here to help you navigate this evolving landscape.

Key Findings from the Survey

The survey highlighted several primary reasons why employees are considering a job change:

  1. Higher Salary: 60% of respondents indicated that a higher salary is a significant motivator.
  2. Better Benefits and Perks: 50% are seeking enhanced benefits and perks.
  3. More Flexibility: 32% want more flexible working arrangements.
  4. Higher-Level Title: 31% are looking for advancement opportunities.

Interestingly, those not seeking new opportunities mentioned their satisfaction with their current team, company culture, and the level of flexibility they currently enjoy.

Generation Z Leading the Charge

Generation Z employees are the most likely to look for new jobs, with 69% indicating plans to job hunt, followed by millennials (47%), generation X (44%), and baby boomers (40%). This generational data highlights the importance of understanding and addressing the unique needs and preferences of different age groups within your workforce.

Challenges in the Job Hunt

Despite the optimism among job seekers, the survey also identified significant challenges they face, including:

  • Standing Out: 58% struggle to make their resume stand out.
  • Salary Transparency: 54% are frustrated by the lack of salary transparency in job postings.
  • Time Constraints: 50% find it challenging to allocate time for job searching and applying.

Moreover, 78% of respondents feel confident in their abilities and have actively sought to enhance their skills, indicating a highly competitive job market.

How We Can Help

At Butterfly Benefits, we believe that understanding these trends is crucial for employers aiming to retain and attract top talent. Here’s how we can assist:

  1. Competitive Benefits Packages: We can help you design and implement benefits packages that stand out in the market. With 50% of employees seeking better benefits, offering comprehensive health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks can make a significant difference.
  2. Flexible Work Options: Flexibility is no longer just a perk; it’s a necessity. We can guide you in developing policies that support remote work, flexible hours, and other arrangements that enhance work-life balance.
  3. Salary Benchmarking: Ensuring your salaries are competitive is key to attracting and retaining employees. We provide benchmarking services to help you understand where your compensation stands in comparison to industry standards.
  4. Employee Engagement Programs: Building a positive company culture is essential. We offer programs that focus on team building, wellness, and professional development to keep your employees engaged and satisfied.
  5. Clear Job Descriptions and Titles: Crafting clear and appealing job descriptions can prevent potential candidates from losing interest. We can assist you in defining roles and responsibilities that align with industry standards and candidate expectations.


The job market is evolving, and employees are increasingly looking for opportunities that offer more than just a paycheque. By staying ahead of these trends and addressing the key factors that influence job satisfaction, your company can not only retain its current workforce but also attract top talent. At Butterfly Benefits, we are committed to helping you create a workplace that meets the needs of today’s employees.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your efforts in staying competitive in this dynamic job market.